Friday, October 30, 2009

Inside Story

So, on Wednesday I was privileged enough to participate in SCBWI's Inside Story held at Third Place book in Lake Forest WA.  It was a great event to get to mingle with fellow illustrators, librarians, teachers and booksellers.  The local Examiner had a little to say about it here.


tlchang said...

Brandon - I've admired your work for some time now, but didn't realize that you were nearly local (I live up in Kirkland and did Inside Story events for the last 2 years. Too busy this year).

My critique group holds an autumn retreat every year at one of our member's cabins up in the mountains that we have to drive through Enumclaw to get to. Every year we threaten to all retire in Enumclaw :-) (and always stop off at the Pie Goddess for a slice on the way).

Anyway - I'm a fan!

tasha said...

how fun! congrats!