Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Be Glad your Nose is on your Face

Here's a plug for my latest book I did with Jack Prelutsky.  It officially was released in bookstores today (though I think it has been out in some for a week or so).  

My illustrations aside, this truly is a great book.  Jack's poems are fantastic.  Much of his greatest poetry can be found here.  One of my favorites is The Frummick and the Frelly.  

One thing that most don't know; while Jack and I were doing a joint presentation in Seattle last year, I got up and drew a picture based on what the children there described.  While I was up scribbling away, Jack sat back and wrote a short poem about the weird looking creature.  You can find The Zubble on page 92. 

Here's a link to order on Amazon.