Thursday, October 01, 2009

Halloween Is Here!

It seems appropriate to start off October with a post about Halloween. Last year my first Halloween book came out, Halloween Night, and I received and email from a mother with a picture of the pumkins her girls had carved. Anything look familiar? It's always fun to get emails from readers!


tasha said...

hi brandon!

we're just sitting here ooohing and aahing and your incredible artwork!

MJ said...

Brandon--your work is incredible!! I bet as an artist seeing that carving of the pumpkins and hearing feedback like that from that Mom must have made your day! I absolutely love and am inspired by your art work.


Andi said...

I received Halloween Night from the publisher last year, and it's become one of my all-time picture books thanks to your incredible illustrations. It's been making the rounds in my house this year.

I'm also a college English professor teaching Children's Literature (mostly to education majors), and I use your book to illustrate the use of perspective. Love it!

Butte Family said...

I am a Librarian at an Elemenatry in Utah and just got your book. The kids LOVE it!! You are an amazing illustrator. Thank you so much for ilustrating such an outstanding book!!! It is my favorite!!!