Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Website Update 2012

Hey hey . . . I have a website update to share. And a few new illos up on there as well. Hope you like what's up. :)


Mike Blake Studio said...

That's pretty amazing! I like the new look! Do you do your own website design?

(also as a note your opening index page is still your old one, which leads to dead links)

Brandon said...

Thanks Mike.

I did the old site on my own. On this update, I designed the look in photoshop and had Madwire Media program it.

Try refreshing your browser a few times. Your cache might be bringing up the old homepage. :)

Mike Blake Studio said...

Haha oh my you are right(about the cached thing). X_x Sorry bout that.

And...Ok (regarding whether you made it or not). Both your old and new designs are great, but it is nice to have a fresh new look! I made my own, but it is so basic I am beginning to hate it.

Mike Laughead said...

The new website looks really great. Thanks for including me in your sketches!

Jared Bishop said...

Looks great. You need to let justify the copy on your bio page.

Brushdragon said...

This is really cool! I also had to go with finding help from a programmer for my site (which is still unfinished or in beta). I caught sight of Mike's portrait too and had to laugh. So long ago. And yet just yesterday Huntsman or Burr were giving assignments. Sigh....good times. It took me a minute to find the "in lightbox navigation" but I was really glad to see that. Very inspiring. OH! and Really good painting of the dragon bro. Awesome!