Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Here's a cover I did a few months ago for a new series by Tyler Whitesides, called Janitors.  Really fun story. Check out the trailer at the bottom.


Unknown said...

Looks like a fun story! Beautiful illustration, as usual. :)

nicwoo said...

I loooooove the look on that guy's face. Makes it all better that he's a janitor and not a custodian. ;)kudos!

Julie said...

Love it!

Brian said...


I'm with my son, Brian, in Hartford CT, this week. We were scanning your blog. (Awesome, by the way!) I was unaware that you had begun authoring as well!! Good luck on that front!

We took a vote . . . we both see a little Jake W in that "Janitors" cover! Well ???

Rick Hartman

Brandon said...

Thank Rick. The authoring end of picture books is really fun. As for the model I used, If jake were closer I would have talked him into it. Instead there is a guy in our ward who was kind enough to pose. . . he even had a janitor shirt. :)