Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Missing "The"

I have received quite a few emails and comments on about the missing "the" in Santa's Stowaway.  Yes, sadly (while in China being printed) one of the "the's" was abducted from the first printing of Santa's Stowaway.  However, I've received word from my publisher that  we've rescued the poor "the" and it will take it's place once again in the story as Santa's Stowaway is up for reprinting.  Yeah!


Charlotte said...

Our copy should be delivered any day now. I promise to ignore the missing "the." Can't wait to see whole thing.

Charlotte said...

So after I left my comment I decided to go and check my mailbox. The book was there. If there was a missing "the" I sure didn't notice. I thought it was great. You did a beautiful job and I'm excited to read it to MY Sam tonight. :)

Brandon said...

Thanks Charlotte! How much do I owe you for the kind comments? :)

Hope you guys are doing well! Tell John, "wazzzup" from me. Merry Christmas!

adam taylor said...

I really think this one is beautiful. It is up for your best! Have a great christmas! Oh yeah, Erin and I have our BFA shows up right now, thanks so much for the help!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you--my last novel had TEN typos in the first printing.

But I came here to say how much I LOVE the cover you did for my story The Mulitplying Menace--Milo is beyond awesome!!!! My son was sooooo excited to hear you were illustrating the cover--we're both big fans!