Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quick Sketch


Julie Olson said...

I've been reading through your blog and admiring the fabulous art! You are truly talented. All us local Utah illustrators are vastly impressed! Best wishes!

Rico said...

Hi, Brandon.

I am a illustrator brazilian. I like you see my works in my blog

All the Best.

Brandon said...

Thanks Julie! You have a great core group of illustrators there in Utah to associate with. Something I wish I had here in Washington.

Rico-Nice work!!


Brando You Son of a Gun!!! this is your favorite Uncle. David needs a logo for his new business, "Big D" metal fabrication. Let me know what you can do. He needs a macho 4 wheeler tough and ready type image.


Brushdragon said...

Hey man, a good down to earth quick sketch...kinda like an elven brother Tanner I think. :)
I have been kept to mostly black and white myself. It is easier to get results when I am mr mom for 3 kids when it is me, a sketchbook, pencil, and some quick spare time. As always, I love your color, lighting, and characters! The boats in the tree was awesome dude. I don't mean to be redundant with the other guy, but check my blog
I did Bumblebee from Transformers for my PineWood Derby! And some other good sketches. Glad to see consistent work. Keep inspiring us. Later, Shaun Williams