Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pirates are cool

Pirates are just plain fun to paint. I was shooting purposefully for a cool pallet with this guy. It was done 100% in Photoshop. Not for anything in particular.



Ahoy matey! Dave Wilson posting. Nice to see your stuff...everywhere. The pirate looks great. I love the new brushes.

I've opened a blog called illustrator haven at
and have my website
(yeah there are a few more david wilson's than brandon dorman's)
I'd love to get it touch with you and the whole Y of I(daho) gang.

Marcos Mateu said...

I like it, specially the dark look the guy is throwing at somebody!

Thomas Fluharty's Blog said...

wow brandon. thanks for your very kind words on my blog . i went to your website. really stunned by how great your work is . you have some great images the farm images,all the entertainment images rock.the opening image on your site. GREAT WORK thanks for looking at my blog. lets keep in touch all the best my friend GREAT WORK!!!!!!!! truly~tom

Marcelo Vignali said...


This is really incredible work. You should really pursue book illustration. Your work is tailor made for that industry. I look at your work and I already want to buy the children's book. Keep it up.